Our Story

For more than 150 years Pacific Cod has been caught the same way, one at a time with hooks. The world’s most sustainable fishery is now the first to include ethical harvesting practices. At Blue North, we launched Humane Harvest because we are passionate about the ethical treatment of fish, the safety of our crew, and the health of our customers as well as our oceans.

Why Humane Harvest?

Humane is Responsible

Humane Harvest caught fish includes only the most responsibly-caught species and most carefully managed fish stocks in the North Pacific.

Humane is Safe

Humane Harvest caught fish represents the safest fishing operation for both the vessel and crew on the North Pacific.

Humane is Healthy

Humane Harvest caught fish is a healthy protein that contains higher levels of nutrients than traditionally harvested fish and is simple to cook with wide appeal.

Alaska Line-Caught Pacific Cod

While Pacific Cod caught on the FV Blue North is still harvested using the same hook and line method that has been a part of the fishery for more than a century, the way the fish is stunned instead of suffocated produces a healthier, tastier, higher-quality fish.

The Moon Pool technology allows the fishermen to harvest each fish individually from inside the vessel. Not only is it safer for the crew who are protected from the elements of the cold North Pacific, but the addition of a stunning table immediately immobilizes the fish, putting the central nervous system to sleep prior to processing so it feels no stress or pain.


Taste & Quality

The U.S. exports most of the premium fish caught in Alaska while it imports lesser quality fish. Pacific Cod is a superior quality fish caught and processed in the USA.

The School of Food Sciences at Washington State University conducted a study that demonstrated Humane Harvest fish retain higher quality and nutritional value.

Stunning the fish as they come on board reduces the stress that the fish would experience in traditional harvesting methods. This slows the rigor mortis process and reduces the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in the muscles. This allows the fish to retain a better flesh texture and maintain higher levels of nutrients.

As the only Bering Sea long-liner with a filet machine on the boat, Blue North is able to freeze the fish at sea at its peak condition into a variety of desirable products allowing the fish to retain the highest level of quality, texture, taste, and flakiness.


“I won’t buy Pacific Cod that isn’t frozen at sea anymore. The quality is so consistent we can have it on our menu in so many more versatile ways, year-round.”

— Tim Ferleman, Anthony’s Restaurants